Hello, My name is patricia doiron. 

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About Me 

As a recent university graduate, I am currently seeking full-time employment in a marketing and/or business development position in the food industry. Through running a communication agency, Lifestyle Communications Inc., I was able to work in a number of industries, and developed a strong interest in food marketing.

I have a strong interest in taking a masters in Public Health Promotion or related after getting more work experience in the industry.      

Work Experience 

YEG Fitness Magazine, Community Manager 

May 2015- Present

YEG Fitness is a health and wellness magazine based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The brand's mission is to be a driving force for social interaction and community building. I started with YEG Fitness as a marketing intern in May 2015 and I was offered a part time job after completing the internship. Since then, my role has shifted to Community Manager and continues to develop with marketing proposals that the Editor, Tj, and myself develop together.  

- Working closely with the Magazine's editor and founder to brainstorm and implement external communication strategies to build company presence in the health and wellness industry in Edmonton.

 - Develop proposals to collaborate with local studios and gyms to host fitness classes bi-weekly.

- Maintain social media channels to ensure that all content is on brand and that key messages are being properly communicated.

- Created the brand and marketing strategy for Strive Summit (presented by YEG Fitness- a weekend long event consisting of workshops hosted by leaders in the health and wellness industry).

Brand Strategy Consultant and Founder, Lifestyle Communications Inc. 

December 2016- June 2018 

Throughout my degree in Professional Communication, I developed a Communications Agency, Lifestyle Communications Inc., to put to practice the theory I was learning in school. Developing a communication agency and working with small businesses in Edmonton, Alberta provided me with the hands on experience I was looking for. I have worked closely with a total of eight clients to develop sustainable lifestyle brands built around community and connection with consumers.

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Job Overview

 Lifestyle Communications provided a variety of communication services, developed specifically for lifestyle brands.


The Internal 

The brand, the business plan and the employee engagement and happiness- people are the foundation to a sustainable company. 

- Business Plan Consulting (Branding and development of community objectives) 

- Rebranding 

- Seasonal job development and hiring for small companies 

- Employee engagement

The external 

The content, the community and the management.  External communication strategy development  with an emphasis on building a community around the brand. 

-  Communication strategy and implementation for social channels (Content creation, event planning and maintenance of communication channels to develop a structured and sustainable brand presence). 


The technology. Lifestyle Communications put a strong emphasis on training and ensureed that clients have a clear understanding of the technology used to enhance their brand.

- Website development using Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace. (Content creation/ writing, website development, g-suite set up, introduction to e-commerce and training sessions to give clients the tools to make necessary changes or updates on their own).  

Testimonials From Clients 

"We thoroughly enjoy working with Patricia! She is an incredible asset to our team and her work is simply stunning. Patricia is a very hard working, self motivated individual. She has taken the time to truly understand our business values, and she is able to eloquently illustrate our vision throughout our social media and online content. Would recommend in a heartbeat!" - Sabrina Souto and Amanda Magdar- Founders of Mala & Me. 


"We have been working with Patricia and Lifestyle Communications for the past year and couldn't be happier that we made that choice. Patricia has helped double our reach on our social media platforms and has increased engagement with our followers. She is always offering suggestions and creative ideas to engage more and provide valuable content for our followers. Her role on our team has allowed us to grow our brand and expand into different niches in our industry." - TJ Sadler - Founder My Balanced Box.


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Communications Coordinator (Summer Student Position), Special Olympics Edmonton) 

May 2016- August 2016 

The Bachelor of Communication degree program at Macewan University requires students to take a co-op term. I completed my four month term as a full time employee with Special Olympics Edmonton- an organization that remains close to my heart. 

Job Overview

-Assisted with program/event planning and coordination, including the planning and implementation of a sport-specific summer tournament for adult athletes.  

- Developed an external communications calendar and social media strategy for the following year. 

- Developed a gap analysis to identify areas of improvement for external communications. 

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Thank you for taking the time to review my website. To schedule an interview, please email me at patriciamdoiron@gmail.com.